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A name that carries luster of legacy in its legendary investors, management & its brand partnerships. Add to it our illustrious list of loyal clientele. The result is a clear market leader. Unrelenting in our quest for 'numero uno', we strive to deliver beyond the ordinary. To satiate this desire we shoulder the fundamental premise of what defines retailing in fashion, luxury & lifestyle - online & offline. In our new avatar, we are evolving fast despite the weight of success.


Luxury has always been equated with those who had more money than they knew what to do with. Well, not anymore. For starters, we have made it affordable, and second, now we inform our buyers so they know enough. Purchases are more logical than emotional. More experiential than mere possessional. Buyers are more practical than ever before. And while all of this is sinking in, they still remain aspirational for the best that the fashion & luxury world has to offer - from the minimalist to the extravagant. In fashion & lifestyle purchases, though men are soon becoming the noticeable addition, women remain the significant multiplier. At LuxeHues we are the first movers among omni-channel retailers that have started paying greater attention to younger, more affluent, articulately sophisticated, tech-savvy women - to offer a wide range of curated premium lifestyle brands - Indian & International.

Our Preamble

Great design is, as it always will continue to be, a source of fascination but questions about authenticity are common around leading brands selling online. Once and for all, we aim to dispel doubts & settle this issue - by selling brands which are authenticated. Integrity is the root in this line of thinking. We've earned  rich experience of technology  over the course of the last few years, and are putting it to effective use across the entire spectrum of our operations. Knowing this, you will not be surprised when you see us leading the charge in online technology, user experience, secured transactions, authenticity of brands and targeted merchandise. In effect you get bona-fide products that fit your taste, topped with an easy yet pleasurable shopping experience at LuxeHues, that encourages continued dialogue & engagement even long after the purchase. An interesting mix of Indian & International stalwart brands who stand to signify exclusivity and glamour with affordability. So that we explore together with you, how the lexicon of eternal style is created.


Luxury is changing and we are foremost among the portents of this transformation. Our leadership team comes with a cap full of well earned feathers - in demonstrated success, skills, experience, global exposure & industry laurels. Our investors have made determined bets to ensure that we will be unbeatable. We are heavily invested in partnerships across technology, brands, businesses and media to ensure a 360 degree seamless experience for you. It is deliberately intended to encouragingly reassure our buyers and to unnerve competition. Always on the lookout for interesting companies to invest in, who offer learning, business & culture fit for us, value addition in our portfolio is also an ongoing process. 

All that said, we are creating a unique company with honest people. All our resources are concentrated on providing long lasting value, to customers, through refined taste, caliber, artistry & technology - delivered with utmost integrity. Queries/Concerns? Write to us at: