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Valerie Valentine Women Jewellery   Origin - France

The tendency of hair jewelry appeared in the 17th century in France mainly used by ladies of the court and the Great of this world. This is the 20th century then the hair jewel is back taking very different styles over years: the Roaring twenties, the 60's, hippies, 80's ... But it is since 2010, it takes a more important place in France. First widely acclaimed by the stars and the media and finally the blogs is now a strong trend and confirmed. For 15 years, the house Valerie Valentine is THE hair jewelry specialist and offers a wide range of accessories dedicated to adorn hairstyles wiser to bolder. Headbands, headbands, clips, combs, barrettes, elastic, bibis, all our accessories are entirely hand-made in our Paris studio, in noble materials and adorned with Swarovski crystals which confers their outstanding quality and unparalleled brilliance.

Valerie Valentine