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POLAROID Online Strore   Origin - United States of America

The Polaroid Corporation founded in 1937 by Edwin Land, a talented academic who dropped out of Harvard in the mid 1920s to pursue his dream, gained fame with the invention of its instant camera, a landmark invention of the 20th century. Over the decades, Polaroid Eyewear has been designing and manufacturing polaroid sunglasses that are not only glare-free but come with the highest possible level of UV protection and outstanding quality. The technique of using modern filters to polarize light that was patented by Edwin in the year 1929 form the basis of manufacturing  Polaoid products designed by Polaroid Eyewear. The brand continues to strive towards providing the unbeatable comfort of polarized lenses to more and more people across the world in its attempt towards democratizing  better vision at no extra cost.


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