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Kenneth Cole Women Watches   Origin - United States of America

Starting its journey in a unique way in 1982 while filming “The birth of a shoe company” two blocks away from New York Hilton hotel to showcase a collection of Kenneth Cole women’s shoes, Kenneth Cole has risen remarkably in a short span of three decades to become a full-fledged aspirational fashion and accessory brand. Over the years, the brand has added several other categories under its name starting with Kenneth Cole shoes for men in 1984, Kenneth Cole bags in 1987, Kenneth Cole watches in 1996, Kenneth Cole men’s sportswear in 1997 quickly followed by the launch of Kenneth Cole women’s sportswear in 1999, Kenneth Cole eyewear in 2001 along with Kenneth Cole men’s fragrance and Kenneth Cole women’s fragrance in the same year. The brand continues to make a connect with people by addressing not just how they look like on the outside but also understanding their innate feelings and what they stand for.

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