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ICE   Origin - Belgium

Ice Watch is a Belgian brand of wrist watches , launched in 2006 by Jean-Pierre Lutgen from Bastogne , brother of CdH politician Benoît Lutgen . The clocks came in 2007 on the market and quickly became a worldwide success. In early 2010 there were more than 200,000 per month were sold. The brand motto is "Change. You Can." The Ice-Watch brand belongs to the public company TKS SA, which changed its name in October 2012 in Ice SA. The watches are designed in Belgium and assembled in China. The cabinet and the straps are plastic ( polyamide , polyurethane or silicone ) in different colors, from transparent to fluorescent. One of the most eye-catching things about Ice-Watch timepieces is that they are positively bursting with bright, bold and very vivid colours. From deep cherry reds to bright lime greens, Ice-watch watches are vibrant and exciting to behold. For those who prefer more low-key accessories, there are also several Ice-Watch lines that can accommodate their needs.


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